The Bloggers

photo-127Lunacy of Ink – The brilliantly-penned observations of a kindred spirit, with a Gatsby-esque website to covet.

New Girl On The Chopping Block – Blog of my multi-talented friend SLJ, charting her attempts at creating culinary masterpieces, interspersed with restaurant reviews and New York coolness.

The Most Difficult Thing Ever – A perceptive postman with poetic licence. He makes even the mean streets of Huddersfield sound beautiful.

Peas on Toast – It wasn’t mushy peas that brought us together; it was Dead Salmon and Mole’s Breath. Once we discovered our mutual love for Farrow and Ball, a virtual friendship was made. A funny, pithy blog.

Food Legend – You’ll be hard pressed to find a funnier blog. Food Legend dissects everyday food items with his own brand of razor-sharp wit. Devour and LOL.

Wife After Death – Raw writing from a young widow, who still retains a wry eye in the darkest of times.

Reasons To Be Single – She loathes cats, hates pulled pork and has at least 131 reasons why you should be single. I couldn’t agree more.

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