Life Through A White-Framed Lens

I’ve been thinking about purchasing some white sunglasses ever since I saw my favourite queen of sang froid Betty Draper sporting a pair in Mad Men Season 4.

photo-60 photo-62

I’m obsessed¬†with Betty Draper (now Francis). I love her polished, ice-queen demeanour; her belief in upholding impeccable manners in the face of adversity; the way in which she fixes a steely, impassive gaze on men; and (obvs) every single item of clothing she wears.


Basically, I want to be Betty Draper (minus the weight-gain, divorce and depression, of course). It’s enough to make me want to start smoking.

My interest in the white sunnies was further fuelled by Megan Draper’s appearance in Season 6.

photo-64 photo-65

I’ve been searching for the perfect pair for some time. Here’s a couple of beauties I stumbled across (Prada on the left, Miu Miu on the right)

photo-66 photo-67

When the husband arrived home from work, I showed him the pictures.

‘Who do these remind you of,’ I said, thinking, ‘saybettysaybettysaybetty’.

‘Err… Dame Edna Everage?’ he replied.

Wrong answer.